Happy Endings off to a great start.

Happy Endings off to a great startI know what you are thinking, why would we want another Friends rip-off? Yes, Happy Endings is another TV series about six friends hanging out, but it is more than that.

It felt like a breath of fresh air to watch a fast pace comedy among all the reality shows out there. With Happy Endings, you won’t see the jokes coming, they’ll take you by surprise like a guy in roller-blades crashing your wedding. The punch lines delivery rhythm is on fast forward.

Unlike in How I Met Your Mother, where I am truly fond of only one character (Neil Patrick Harris’), I fell for four of the six Happy Endings‘ characters right away. The show succeeded to efficiently introduce the posse within the pilot’s first three minutes. By the first scenes, you get a clear idea about who you are dealing with:

Dave: the wedding douche YouTube sensation whose fiance left him at the altar
Alex: the fiance who left Dave at the altar to get white trash tourist braids
Jane: a wannabe desperate housewife, but way not ready (and way too cool for the suburbs if you want my opinion)
Brad: Jane’s husband, chill black of the group who doesn’t read emails labeled “URGENT party deeds”
Penny: single girl who is doing everything to find the future father of her future kids Haley, Madison and McKenzie
Max: gay and chubby who finds a “stereotypically flamboyant cartoonish Sex and the City gay” offensive

They managed to cast an “Excellence in Theatre” award winner, the girl next door Elisha Cuthbert from 24, a superb comedienne from the final two seasons of Scrubs, two Saturday Night Live alumni and a guy who played a Young Hollywood Douchebag in Californication. Can you guess who’s playing who?

If you are a TV nerd, you will recognize the wittiness of the script writers and directors Anthony and Joe Russo (Arrested Development or Community rings a bell?). Check out some memorable quotes from the pilot.

Happy Endings quotes

“Huge game changer, HUGE” -Max

“Do you know how hard it is to get slut off egyptian cotton?” -Jane

“M’am? I’m gonna go and bawl my eyes out and then I will be back to physically fight you” -Penny

“This cleanse is brutal. I lost 11 pounds… today.” -Brad

“Well, that’s what happen when you drink vodka on a stomach full of cabbage juice” -Brad

“Nice work Al, you are the Michael Jordan of destroying friendships” -Dave

“I’m 30, and I’m Catholic and I’mma die alone in a light-up Christmas sweater talking to a menagerie of parrots” -Penny

So tune in on ABC Wednesday nights 10|9c


p.s: Me falling for another witty TV show gives me a feeling of déjà vu… I hope this show won’t get cancelled

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