Tennis players don’t enjoy rain, because unlike some other sports (like soccer), we just can’t (well we shouldn’t) play on slippery courts. During this late afternoon, as Travis Parrott arrives on court 3 to practice with his doubles partner Filip Polasek, the rain started pouring down. They didn’t even have the time to take out their racket that they had to go back on their cart and return to the locker room.

However, because I was following Travis’ blog and tweets I just couldn’t let him go without talking to him. So I called his name and told him that he still owes me a can of Wimbledon balls. That is when he walked towards me and took a picture with me. I felt bad that he kinda missed his ride back (the cart took off without him), but I was more than glad to get an opportunity to chat with him while walking together under the rain.

Although we didn’t discuss about his Guitar Hero addiction, I asked him how he was doing with his recent shoulder injury. Travis was also nice to wish me luck for my Canadian Championship next week in Toronto (Yes, I’ll be playing at the Rexall Center York University during the Women Rogers Cup!)

Travis Parrott

Good luck Travis, and if you want to know the cool spots around town, call me ^_^

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