Since my magical match at the Rexall Centre, I wondered if I could top my month of August where I met so many Montreal Rogers Cup’s stars and where I won the National University Tennis Championships? Fortunately to satisfy my hunger for tennis, one of the greatest event, the US Open, was on the menu of September. Tennis devotees from all around the world waited for this season’s last show, where anything could happen.

US Open is a show

And “anything” actually happened. Where to begin? How about upsets were all over the place? Thanks to 17-year-old Melanie Oudin, brackets busters affected the women’s top draw. To our dismay, the two Andy’s didn’t reach the semis. Also, according to Serena Williams’ t-shirt, you can’t spell dynasty without “nasty”. Could we add “You can’t threat a line judge without a tennis racket and a ball”?

Furthermore, what a men’s epic final! Who would have thought that after 22 consecutive Grand Slam semis, Roger Federer would not be able to secure a sixth US Open title? Who would have expect a new King of the Queens?

Incidentally, I wanted your thoughts about the US Open tag line “It must be love”? Do you dig it as much as I do? (FYI: tennis has a relatively complicated system of points where we can say “love” instead of “zero”) However, I must admit that I am a bit disappointed with the “It must be love” videos campaign they launched . I’m not sure they chose the best insights (no offense, but I’m convinced there is more thrilling than Andy Murray’s chin ups or Sam Querrey’s ace face).

Here’s what comes through my mind when I hear “It must be love”:

Family LOVE
Kim Clijsters and daughter Jada

After two years of “retirement”, Kim Clijsters managed to be the first unseeded woman to ever win the US Open. She also became the first mother to win a Grand Slam title since Evonne Goolagong Cawley in 1980 at Wimbledon. Guess who’s back!

LOVE for fashion
Melanie Oudin believes, Adidas Barricades

With mi Adidas, Melanie Oudin personally created this flashy design of her Barricade V. Every time she entered the court, she made a bold statement that she *believes* she can beat all the top players.

LOVE for the environment
US Open going green

Did you know that…

  • 60,000 Wilson tennis balls will be reused for National Tennis Center to their community and youth programs
  • Hybrid vehicles made up 52% of Lexus’ players transportation fleet
  • Daily drawsheets were printed on paper containing 30% post-consumer waste
  • They managed to save about 18,102 pounds CO2 equivalent of greenhouse gases


I suppose that it must be love for the sport that 721, 059 fans rushed through Billie Jean Stadium to witness all those athletes compete for $26.1 million of total prize money. In addition to that, we counted nearly 14 million activated streams on and total viewership of CBS’ US Open broadcasts was 55.8 million.

I hope that one day, I’ll be lucky enough to go to this highest-attended annual sporting event in the world. Who’s with me? :)


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