I will always remember the time when Frederic Niemeyer came to play at the tennis courts where I spent several summers as a kid. Parc Bon-Pasteur used to have a cool turf surface with a bit of sand. Frederic probably wanted to prepare for the grass season. At that time, I asked him to autograph a tennis ball that I still keep in my bedroom.

During this year’s Montreal Rogers Cup, I met him again so I asked for a picture with him. It was some hours before his match against Roger Federer. Frederic smiled when a guy told him “You will beat Roger tonight!” I guess he knows he won’t beat the King. Being eliminated by the Swiss Maestro is nevertheless a honorable way to exit. The beloved Canadian announced that he will retire at the end of the season, so it was his last appearance in Montreal…

Frederic Niemeyer and Roger Federer at Montreal Rogers Cup

Merci Frederic!

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