Toronto held the first edition of the University and College National Tennis Championships. The Carabins of Université de Montréal (my team) had to face University of Victoria, University of Toronto and Simon Fraser University at the Rexall Center York University.

Carabins Tennis Canadian Champs

During each face-off, 11 matches are played:

  • 3 men’s singles
  • 3 women’s singles
  • 2 men’s doubles
  • 2 women’s doubles
  • 1 mixed doubles

For the last confrontation, after 10 matches against Simon Fraser University, the score was tied at 5-5. Therefore, the mixed doubles was going to be the decisive match. Being a “money player”, I couldn’t imagine a better scenario to conclude this University Canadian championships. It was my last official match as a Carabins, and on the top of that, I had the honor to perform at the Rexall Center during the Rogers Cup. My mixed doubles partner David Trudeau and I accepted the challenge. We gave everything we got. I believe that it is because of our electrifying energy and chemistry that we succeeded to defeat SFU 7-5 6-4.

My mixed doubles partner David Trudeau and me :)

After Dave’s delicious smash on match point, our teammates roared and jumped off their seats. I can’t actually find words to express our joy. We, the Carabins won the first edition of the University National Tennis Championships! We, the Carabins are the BEST University tennis team in Canada!

What an awesome ride it was this past week. I am still on cloud nine, I haven’t lost a match during this year’s university league, not even dropped single a set. What a perfect way to retire from University tennis…

Merci à toute mon équipe

(Patrick Gilbert, Michael Tousignant, Alexandre Vigeant, Olivier Berthiaume, Jean-Philippe Trottier-Hardy, David Trudeau, Céline Wauthier, Catherine Garand, Geneviève Prairie-Caron, Anne-Marie Belleau, Lena Salgado)

Carabins Tennis Canadian Champs

and a big thank you to my super hitting partners who pushed me to train all summer

(Dominic Rossi, Nicolas Charette, Pierre-Jean Robichaud :)

video Carabins 2008-2009


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