The big week has arrived, the Carabins tennis team of Université de Montréal is going to Toronto to compete for the Canadian championships at the Rexall Center York University (Yes! we’ll play at the same time as the Women Rogers Cup). I am proud of my teammates, we all have been training hard these past months for the most important competition of the year. I believe we all gain a lot of endurance by playing tennis with this weather…

Montreal weather forecast: feels like 40!

Isabelle Chrun preparation to play tennis In order to play in that high heat, I wear a white cap, I put sunscreen and I bring a lot of water. Training when it feels like 40 degrees Celsius is a good way to sweat my French Fries fat :P

Let’s see if the Carabins will win the Canadian Championship, wish us luck. And wish me luck as I will get in the entourage of those tennis divas when I’ll be in the VIP box at the semi-finals (I will also try to tweet with those superstars Iike I did with Bob Bryan :)

* I would like to meet with the person who is tweeting for the @RogersCup, care to help?

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