At the Montreal Rogers Cup, there is this stand where we can measure the speed of our tennis serve. I am disappointed that on that day, I couldn’t serve faster than 104 mph (167 km/h). I don’t want to make up excuses here, but you have to agree with me that I would serve better with my own racket and gear (i.e. shoes)…

Well anyway, that’s what I’ve been telling myself :) I believe that on a good day, I can serve faster than what you will see here

So, how about you guys? How fast is your tennis serve?

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  1. Nice serve motion!

    Des plans pour tellement se béboîter l’épaule quand on est pas échauffer.. je me l’arrachais tout le temps moi!

    170km/h, c’est solide pareil! Je veux la retourner cette balle, anytime !

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