Because Bob and Mike Bryan were so cool when I chatted with them after their practice on Tuesday, I went hunting some tickets for their first game at the Montreal Rogers Masters. At first, I was pessimist, because I knew it was sold out for Thursday’s night session on Center Court since King Federer was playing. Fortunately in the morning, when I looked at the order of play, jubilant I was when I realized the Bryan brothers will play on Court Banque Nationale! It took me no time to call and buy my tickets (row C, behind the players bench :)

I arrived at Stade Uniprix one hour before the matches so that I can show around the site to Hugo (his first time at the prestigious Rogers Cup event). As soon as we enter, there was this cart going by us, it was Bob and Mike Bryan. I shout to them “Hey Bob and Mike, do you remember me?”. Imagine how pleased I was when they say “Yeah, I remember you, you are isaSuperstar” :)

That Thursday night was memorable. The singles match was a battle of two musketeers Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (7th) VS Gilles Simon (9th). The Frenchmen gave a good show. After Tsonga’s win, the Californian twins made their entrance on the court to face Robert Lindstedt and Marcelo Melo. Bob and Mike Bryan played well and secured their win with a break in the second set.

Bob Bryan gave me his Adidas cap!

These chest-bumping twins rock: they took the time to sign several autographs. They threw towels (I caught one!) and tennis balls in the crowd. While Bob Byran was giving out autographs, I went to talk to him. He told me he read my ‘Bob and Mike Bryan’s music band’ blog post. On the top of that, not only he said that I was a good writer but he gave me his Adidas cap! It will be my lucky charm for my Canadian Championship this week.

I asked Bob Bryan to tweet about beautiful Montreal

(After their practice on Tuesday, I asked Bob Bryan to tweet about my beautiful city ^^ As soon as I saw his tweet, I replied @Bryanbros and told him about my blog. Twitter is a great way to interact with the superstars.)

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