Not only they are the best doubles team in the world, but these cute twins also perform on music stages. FYI: the will be launching soon.

Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to watch Bob and Mike practice on the courts of Stade Uniprix at the Montreal Rogers Cup today. After a solid training, they were kind enough to give out autographs and take pictures with their fans. As you can see, I was among the lucky ones.

By the way, can you tell the difference between these twin brothers? Here’s how I do it:

Bob Bryan is the lefty who is tweeting

Mike Bryan is the right-handed who promised me a gift if I manage to get tickets and go watch their game on Thursday ^_^

Does anyone have a spare ticket for me? I need a lucky charm for my Canadian Championship next week in Toronto (Yes, I’ll be playing at the Rexall Center York University during the Women Rogers Cup!)

Bob Bryan and Isabelle Chrun

Mike Bryan and Isabelle Chrun

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