Most complicated Chinese characters I’ve learned at Nankai

Hey hey!

How is your week-end? Been thankful enough? What are you thankful for? For myself, i’m thankful for so many things, living a happy life with my family, friends. Of course, it is not always easy but hey, just never give up!

Ok, today, after une belle grasse matinée, breakfast/brunch, i will list you some of the most complicated chinese characters i’ve learned in Nankai University this summer.

Although, before doing so, i want to take a moment to explain you that in China, there are many dialects where the official one is mandarin (this is the dialect that i’ve been busting my ass off). There were traditional characters, but in the last century, the Chinese are using the simplified characters (except for some places such as Taiwan and Hong Kong).

Here is an example: a character of my Chinese name, bao, which means treasure. one has almost 20 strokes, and the […] Continue Reading…

What is GOOD TV? special mention for ‘Pushing Daisies’

Prison Break, 24, Friends, Desperate Housewives, Lost, House, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Family Guy… are popular TV shows among my carefully-picked-scientific-sample (aka my Facebook friends)
What makes you addicted to a certain TV show? Suspense, relationships and humor seem to be essential for the recipe of success. Of course, some shows get more viewers than others. Unfortunately, many great shows get off the air due to poor ratings (I must take a minute here to express my sadness towards the cancellations of masterpieces such as Arrested Development, Wonderfalls, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, the Class, etc.)

Now, I would like to know what makes you watch a TV show? Why a show gets more ratings than another? Naturally, i would guess that it is the storyline, the writing staff, the actors,…

Anyhoo, I thought it would be nice to tell you some secrets about the TV industry. Well, maybe not so secret… […] Continue Reading…

James Blake: Do not give up, you should be…

… breaking back! I have heard many courage stories, but this one about JAMES BLAKE who lost everything and succeeded to win back his life particularly touched me.

This great tennis player impressed me a lot during the US Open. His forehand, his quickness to run all over the court are some of the reasons why he has so many fans. At every match he played, there was a section in the stadium called the “J-Block”, his fans were all wearing the same t-shirt and headbands. I was curious and wanted to know more about James Blake so a friend of mine lend me his book “Breaking Back, How I Lost Everything and Won Back my Life”

This People’s Sexiest Male Athlete in 2002 was living a dream life: family, fame, fans,… Then, in 2004, a series of unfortunate events happened. He broke his neck on a tennis net pole, his […] Continue Reading…

Novak Djokovic is a Superstar

You all know how much I adore Andy Roddick. Believe me, I still love him. The thing is that I find myself quite interested in another tennisman also. He may not be as sexy as Andy but damn he has a great personality. How can I say that without meeting him in person? well TV man, YouTube man!

Everyone loves his sense humor. Take a look at how nice he is at an interview where he just eliminated Carlos Moya in 3 sets yesterday. Please tell me what you think about his impersonations of Sharapova and Nadal lol
YouTube Preview Image

Oh yeah, and did I tell you that he’s ranked 3rd in the world? that he beat Roddick, Nadal AND Federer in the SAME tournament? at the Rogers Cup here in Montreal :) Also…. he’s only effin’ 20 years old!!!!!!!! ahhhh he’s so great!


Ever curious about my Chinese homeworks? 作业……

那,these last few days, i only spent time in front of our new 60″ TV. Is it the big screen that prevent me for having a normal life? not exactly… it is because i can watch those awesome, talented, sexy tennis players (such as Andy Roddick) on that big screen! Indeed, I’ve watched most of the games of the magical US OPEN. (who wouldn’t?)

Now the point of this note is that I’m afraid that my brain rots after that much time on the couch… The solution I’ve found is to write down some homeworks I did during my super intensive semester at Nankai University.

EVERYDAY, our teachers ask us to create sentences with the words we’ve just learned during the day. Obviously, we try to be creative so that we don’t write boring sentences like “The book is on the table” :P Here are some of my sentences, I reckon […] Continue Reading…

Was I stupid? 有人觉得我不要命……

Bonjour tout le monde,

are you all back from vacation? ready for school or work? for now, i want to review my chinese (because i’m horribly afraid to forget what i’ve learned!)

so here is a text about my trip to Mount Tai. (the most climbed in the world)

=== 爬泰山 climbing 6000 stairs






Yep, i was silly enough to climb the highest sacred mount in China even though i was sick. 1545m later, i was sooooo exhausted, but the view was amazing! so, i guess it was worth it… even though i ended up at the hospital… a chinese hospital…

June 11th


What did I learn in China?

Bonjour! Hello everybody! 大家好!

many of you know that i’ve been to China for studying the wonderful language. i’ve said “intensive semester” more than once. now is the time to share with you what i’ve learned during my 2nd awesome experience in China…

try to guess what i am writing about :)

朋友们,请你们帮我练习我的汉语:feel free to correct my mistakes :) 谢谢

== 我在中国的生活 my Chinese life…








Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

Jason Mraz is a superstar, he shares his happiness through his songs. Life is beautiful, life should be beautiful. Of course, sometimes, we have some down times, we don’t see clearly, the darkness blinds us, but we have to be strong enough to get over it and get back on our feet. Time flies, and we should not let the sadness drown us. Do not hesitate, just live your life.

Today, I want to share with you his song “I’m Yours”. I love it since the first time I’ve heard it, which has already been a long time ago, I wonder when it’ll be popular all over the planet.  I hope that you will enjoy it as much as me :)

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think about the lyrics?

Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted
I fell right […] Continue Reading…