Safin, Monfils, Simon, Dancevic on Centre Court in Montreal

On this Monday, first round of Montreal Rogers Cup 2009, the schedule is sick (as my friend Andrzej would say). Indeed, Marin Cilic, Igor Andreev, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray & cie will play a singles or doubles match on this opening day of the Masters 1000 event at Stade Uniprix.

As for me, I am looking forward to tonight’s show on Centre Court starring Marat Safin VS Gael Monfils. Furthermore, for dessert, Gilles Simon will face Canada’s beloved Frank Dancevic.

Marat Safin shirtless, ‘nough said

Gael Monfils trained for hours on Saturday

As I was taking this shot of Gilles Simon, I chatted with his girlfriend who was standing next to me

Frank Dancevic, sexy Canadian who reached the quarterfinals in 2007
*breaking news: I have just been invited in the Centre Court Box, Platinum Club (which means FIRST ROWS!) see you tonite :D

Longshot Milos Raonic Makes Canada Proud

On the first day of the Montreal Rogers Cup 2009, Milos Raonic knocked off fourth seeded Russian Teimuraz Gabashvili at the first round of the qualifying 6-7 (7), 6-2, 7-5

He then became on Sunday the first Canadian since 1986 to qualify for the Rogers Cup main draw after defeating 11th-seeded Michael Llodra 6-4, 7-6(3)

Only seven spots were available from the qualifying rounds to access the main draw where Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick & cie are competing.

Milos Raonic is ranked 691st on the ATP Tour, still young but is already getting a buzz.

Good Luck Milos!

Montreal Rogers Cup 2009

The Montreal Rogers Cup 2009, third oldest tournament on tour after Wimbledon and the US Open, welcomes the best tennis men in the world with more than $3 million in money prize. Now imagine what happens when Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick & cie come to Stade Uniprix in Montréal. No doubt that thousands of amateurs will try to weave in and out hoping to take a peak at their favorite players.
The impetus of the crowd is staggering when a famous player approaches the practice courts (FYI: in addition to the Centre Court and Court Banque National, there is a dozen of other courts where players can practice). Indeed, several ecstatic fans would run after the cart of their heroes to take pictures. Some die-hard ones would wait four hours besides the court in order to get the best view when Roger Federer arrives.
I […] Continue Reading…

isaSuperstar’s Pretentious Birthday Wish List

Your favorite obnoxious friend Isabou is back for more egocentric birthday (July 27th) demands this year. As my stalwart friend, you MUST choose (at least) one item from this wish list to offer me (those who are too lazy to read, just skip to item #99):

Clothes designed exclusively for me by Stella McCartney
A real summer in Montreal
Another season of Wonderfalls, Arrested Development, Pushing Daisies, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Dirty Sexy Money, The Class, etc.
Bubble tea from 西南村 with my Nankai classmates
Fredou singing Kid Rock’s “I Put Your Picture Away”
Swimming lessons with Michael Phelps
Prayer by “la noa soeu'”
A painting from artist Nerbonne the day I’ll have my loft
Music skills so that I can actually own at Rockband
A Dundie award
Burning Flame 3 where Wong He’s character won’t die
Picture of a big strawberry taken in front of an IKEA in Finland
Backstage pass for Jason Mraz’s show at Osheaga
Cook Olibou’s exquisite […] Continue Reading…

The Virgin Festival in Montréal goes BOOM BOOM POW

So apparently, when you decide to host a party for thousands of guests, you need:

3000 km of recycled toilet paper
74 guitars
327 guitar picks
48 MEGA sound woofers
6800 kg of ice to cool the beverages

Yup, those items figured on Virgin Mobile’s grocery list when they decided to kick off their national tour in the city of Montréal. The inaugural edition of the Virgin Festival was held at the gorgeous Parc Jean-Drapeau where 20 artists shared the venue’s two stages.

Montréal was selected to host the event because of our thriving music scene and thousands of festival-loving fans. And true to our reputation, Montrealers gave it up for The Black Eyed Peas, who treated the local audience to new songs from their new album The Energy Never Dies (The E.N.D) as well as classics “Let’s Get Retarded” and “Dont’ Phunk With my Heart”. They closed with “Boom Boom Pow” which left the audience […] Continue Reading…

Susan Boyle’s Competition at Britain’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle doesn’t need a presentation (her first performance got about 100 million views on YouTube). She dreamed a dream. Now, during the awaited Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals, she sang ‘Memory’ from the musical Cats. What do you think?

By the way, have you had the chance to watch her competition? 39 other contestants were chosen by the jury to go through the semi-finals. Check out other bloody brilliant performers:

Natalie Okri, 10, singer

Cute little girl who wants to be like Beyoncé.

Sue Son, 24, violonist

Had to leave her best friend behind.

Diversity, aged 12-25, Street Dance Act
A group of dancers with a diverse background

Embedding is disabled, but I had to put them in my list, since they are my favorite

Shaheen Jafargholi, 12, singer

The choice of the song is paramount.

Aidan Davis, 11, Dancer

Surprisingly very talented break dancer

Shaun Smith, 17, singer

His lack of confidence is somehow beguiling.

What about you? Who are your picks? […] Continue Reading…

Internet in my life 网络改变了我的日常生活

Truth be told, since Seth Godin commented on my post, I struggled to find a topic worth blogging. But why all this pressure? I’m ashamed to have forgotten for a moment that my initial goal of this blog-with-an-old-but-oh-so-symbolic-layout-of-Beijing-Olympics-2008 is to have fun. That is why I decided to go back to the basics, to one of my passions, Chinese.

It’s been a long time that I haven’t practiced my Chinese. I thought I should at least make an effort and revise a bit. Here’s a little composition describing the role of Internet in my life. (My Chinese friends, feel free to help me learning and point out my errors :)


我生活节奏很快,有很多的事情要做。我一边攻读硕士学位,一边打网球,一边学高级汉语。我觉得快要忙死了。当然我没有很多机会跟朋友去玩儿。幸亏, 网络能让我轻松一点儿。我经常一开始就先查看我的邮件.我一般收到很多的邮件, 有时候让我头昏眼花。然而电子邮件让我保持联系和我的朋友。我也用 QQ,MSN Messenger, Twitter。我常常在这些网络即时沟通工具上跟朋友聊天。尤其跟中国朋友视频聊天。这样不仅不花钱,而且不费事,还能见到朋友们。虽然他们离我很远但是就像在身边一样。网络真让世界缩小了。

除了即时沟通工具,Facebook,这新兴的社交网络更是改变了我的交友方式。因为我怕浪费时间,我努力控制自己不泡在Facebook 的很长时间。

Seth Godin Lost his Montreal Tribe and Tony Chapman for Prime Minister

How a Master’s degree student like me would treat herself after completing her final exams of the semester? Attending Seth Godin conference is the answer, but that candy didn’t turn out as sweet as expected… Let me unwind the salient facts of the day.

The “Journée Infopresse 360 avec Seth Godin: Saisir les nouvelles opportunités d’affaires ” started out with an introduction by René Vézina (Journal Les Affaires), followed by conferences of Marcel Côté (Secor Conseil), Jacques-Hervé Roubert (Nurun) and Tony Chapman (Capital C).

The introduction gave us a sneak peek at the economical context. M. Vézina indicated us statistics that are encouraging for the market in Quebec: Montreal’s unemployment rate is for the first time in history lower than Toronto’s. I enjoyed his conclusion where he shared with us an endearing analogy. He compared the economic crisis with the winter on the Anticosti Island where about 20% of the deers […] Continue Reading…

Jerome Blais Biking 6500 km to Prevent Suicide

Suicide is a serious matter that haunts our society. I find it sad to know that there are people who are willing to give up on life. Trying to be empathic, I can understand that pressure is not always easy to handle. But then again, what is impossible to do?

I consider myself as an eternal optimistic: nothing is impossible. My friends sometimes call me a naive girl when I say that everything is gonna be alright. Others see me as a stubborn fighter because I refuse to lose (whether it is during sports, an argument or a Chinese chess game 象棋). One thing is certain, I rarely throw in the towel and I will always persevere.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to convince you to become a bad loser. I’m only realizing that there are many types of person in this world, and that on a certain level […] Continue Reading…

Facebook: un modèle d’affaires profitable?

“As-tu un compte Facebook” est devenue une question fréquente au sein de la nouvelle génération.  Ce réseau social fondé en 2004 par un étudiant de Harvard a connu un essor foudroyant depuis les dernières années.  Il existe toutefois des centaines de sites de réseaux sociaux.  Or, pourquoi Facebook connaît-il autant de succès?

En effet, Facebook recense aujourd’hui plus de 125 millions de membres.  Cependant, en ce qui a trait à son aspect financier, certains sont perplexes quant à son modèle d’affaires.  Le réseau social a perdu de l’argent l’an passé et ce sera le cas cette année aussi .  Pourtant, Facebook reçoit 22,5% du trafic hebdomadaire mondial des réseaux sociaux (Universal McCann, 2008). Nous nous demandons donc s’il est possible pour le réseau social de monétiser à profit toute cette popularité.

Pour se démarquer dans l’industrie, il est important d’avoir une synergie à travers ces composantes : l’interface client, la stratégie, […] Continue Reading…

Ryan Started the Fire

There are more and more celebrities on Twitter. Thousands of fans can follow their tweets and interact by using the ‘reply @’ function. A few minutes ago, The Office’s Dwight, actor Rainn Wilson shared a fan video with this tweet:

I am really impressed with the result, I wonder how much time it took the fans to make it. I am also curious to see how this buzz will go. By the time I viewed the video, there were already more than 6000 views. With the help of the Web 2.0/Social Media power, I predict thousands more…
Now, enjoy this fan video and sing along “Ryan started the fire” ♪
YouTube Preview Image

Office-themed “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Made by Brad E and Ashley G
If you are a true fan of ‘The Office’, you will ♥ the lyrics:

Ryan Howard, Holly Flax, David Wallace, Future Fax
Jim Halpert, Dwight Schrute, mustard yellow shirt

Creed Bratton, Michael Scott, […] Continue Reading…

Systèmes, contrôle d’applications et sécurité WEB

Vous trouverez plus-bas la présentation (SlideShare) préparée par mes collègues Frédérick J. Fortin, Pierre-Luc Soucy et moi-même. Ce billet se veut donc l’endroit tout désigné pour laisser vos commentaires suite à notre présentation.

Merci et au plaisir de vous lire!

Isabelle, Frédérick et Pierre-Luc
Systèmes, contrôle d’applications et sécurité WEB
4-970-02 – Gestion du risque, contrôle et sécurité du commerce électronique
Séance 5
Présentation sur les systèmes, le contrôle d’applications et la sécurité WEB
Isabelle Chrun B.A.A, Frédérick J. Fortin B.A.A, Pierre-Luc Soucy B. Ing.

Got to learn that Slumdog Millionaire Jai Ho dance

‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ is the tagline of the famous TV show which inspired the movie of the year (in my humble opinion). ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ has already won 4 Golden Globes and 7 BAFTAs.  Everybody is anticipating the Oscars gold for this Danny Boyle movie.

I finally decided to go watch this movie after many friends’ recommendations (and after all its success at the Golden Globes). ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is simply magnificent. The storyline is interesting, the kids are endearing, the editing is inspiring… no wonder the movie already won this many awards.

Most of all, I have to admit that I still can’t get the song ‘Jai Ho’ from the ending credits out of my head.  Following the Bollywood tradition, the movie ended (no spoilers) with an impressive dance where dozens are moving with the rhythm of ‘Jai Ho’ (A R Rahman ft. Sukhvinder Singh, Tanvi Shah & Mahalaxmi […] Continue Reading…

Hôtel Morphée: Où vous ne dormez pas

Hotel Morphee ne serait pas vraiment le meilleur choix si vous vouliez dormir.  En fait, c’est un nouveau groupe de musique, avec tant de potentiel.  Composé majoritairement de cordes, Hôtel Morphée saurait plutôt faire ressortir vos rêves.

Puisque je n’ai point un discours digne pour décrire cette formation géniale, je préfère vous faire part d’une de leurs pièces “Montréal est infidèle”.

YouTube Preview Image

Les superstars de Hôtel Morphée

Laurence Nerbonne (Voix, violon et amie du cegep avec qui je jouais au bball)
Blaise Borboën-Léonard (Violon, glockenspiel)
Mark Grand’Maison (Guitare, basse)
Philippe Mius d’Entremont (Violoncelle)
Stéphane Lemieux (Batterie)

J’ai eu la chance d’assister à leur spectacle hier au Quai des Brumes, et ce serait un euphémisme de dire que j’ai apprécié leurs oeuvres.

À ne pas manquer aux Francouvertes le 16 mars au Lion d’Or.

En attendant, allez voir cet hôtel 5 étoiles sur myspace ou sur Facebook


Web analytics: Le film dont vous êtes la star

3, 2, 1…

WEB ANALYTICS: Le film dont vous êtes la star!

C’est avec grand plaisir que je vous accueille sur mon blogue. Vous trouverez plus-bas la présentation (SlideShare) préparée par mon collègue Frédérick J. Fortin et moi-même. Ce billet se veut donc l’endroit tout désigné pour laisser vos commentaires suite à notre présentation.

Merci et au plaisir de vous lire!

Isabelle et Frédérick

Web analytics: Le film dont vous êtes la star

MKT 4-170-00 Marketing électronique
Séance 3
Présentation sur le web analytics
Isabelle Chrun B.A.A & Frédérick J. Fortin B.A.A

Ugly and Still Can Do Networking

As I was watching an episode of Ugly Betty “Dress For Success” (3×11), I found myself amused by how Marc St. James (Michael Urie) explains the basics of networking to Betty (America Ferrera). Networking is indeed important in the fashion (and business) world, but it is not always easy to learn it.

Now, before you view the clip, I want to reassure you that although the superficial speech might shock you, do not worry, our Ugly Betty’s true personality always win in the end.
YouTube Preview Image

Step 1: Be memorable

Step 2: Gathering information

Step 3: The exit strategy

If I may, the supporting characters of Marc and Amanda are absolutely endearing. They play a big part in the success of this great show.  Their podcasts are quite funny too.

Have you ever watched ‘Ugly Betty’ ? What are your thoughts?


Zeitgeist, the Revolution is Now

What do Christianity, 911 and The Federal Reserve all have in common?

Learn the truth with this must see video and watch out for the men behind the curtain.

“They must have find it difficult… Those who have taken authority as the truth,

Rather than truth as the authority”

“Power corrupts,

Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

“When the power of love the love of power, the world will know peace”

Carabins undefeated during this OUA tennis season

It is with an extreme pleasure that I’m sharing with you how my teammates and I won this year Ontario University Athletics tennis title.  It is with absolute pride that I am wearing the blue colors of the Carabins tennis (Montreal University sports teams).  I have succeeded to win my 18 matches without even dropping a single set.  Being undefeated gives me a marvelous feeling ^_^

On the other hand, I must also apologize to you all. I wish I could blog more often, I love blogging, I really do, but since this new school year, my schedule is insane.  Not only have I started my Master’s degree in e-Commerce, I am also studying advanced Chinese and I am training hard to keep my shape for the University tennis season (it was worth it: OUA CHAMPS!).

Even for my dearest friends, I can’t find time to spend with them: the only […] Continue Reading…

Pourquoi Amazon est une superstar en e-commerce?

Selon la « 2008 Best Global Brands List » de Interbrand, la marque Amazon (classée 58e) est devenue plus influente que celle Yahoo! (65e). Comment Amazon s’est-il pris pour passer à travers toutes ces premières années sans profit réel et arriver à la position de leader dans le commerce électronique?

En effet, en ce qui a trait aux modèles d’affaires sur Internet, celui d’Amazon est cité maintes fois et représente un exemple à suivre dans l’industrie. Ce pionner a su profiter des opportunités amenées par l’évolution des technologies. Le fondateur Jeff Bezos a pris avantage du marché traditionnel du livre qui était fragmenté. Étant donné l’existence d’un nombre considérable d’éditeurs, de titres et qu’il était tout simplement impossible de tous les offrir sous un même toit « traditionnel », il a sauté sur l’occasion pour mettre en place la librairie qui rendrait accessible le plus […] Continue Reading…

I love Kosuke Kitajima’s breaststroke swimming style

Michael Phelps is a swimming machine, but we have to give the breaststroke crown to the Japanese Kosuke Kitajima. I have to confess, I can’t swim (…) so I guess I can’t really talk about swimming techniques. Nevertheless, my hours in front of the Beijing Water Cube events could give me some credibility, perhaps? No?
YouTube Preview Image

Well, can I just say that I love watching Kitajima swim then? He seems so comfortable in the water. Here’s a little video of him when he broke a world record during the 2008 Japan Open.


Chinese Yang Wei dominates in gymnastics

I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of gymnastics, I only watch that discipline once every 4 years. The thing is that when all those olympians begin their routine, I just can’t switch channels (yes, u r right, all the other channels are also broadcasting the Olympics, but it is not my point here). I can’t look away from their routine because their performance is astonishing. I just can’t believe how they do all those maneuvers. They are so quick, jump so high, and incredibly strong (especially on the rings).

China won 9 of the 14 gold medals in gymnastics artistic. Lately, there is a lot of echo about under aged female gymnasts. I prefer not to discuss about this matter.

I would rather share with you how much I respect Yang Wei, the individual all-around gold medal winner. He was absolutely dazzling in each of his routine.


-isaSuperstar […] Continue Reading…

Jujie Luan is a superstar 50 years old fencer

Jujie Luan

I heard a beautiful story today, there is this woman, Jujie Luan, who won the gold medal in fencing for China during the 1984 Olympic Games.  24 years later, at the age of 50, she wants to go duel in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, but this time, representing Canada. Obviously, she doesn’t need to win a medal to gain my respect; just to see how passionate she is for her sport, she is my new idol. Watching her first battle at the foil competition was so inspiring. Although she is way older than her opponent, she fenced with authority by reacting aggressively after each of her point, and with her experience, she won against the Tunisian Ines Boubakri.

Because of Jujie Luan, I have discovered how fencing is an incredible sport and how an athlete’s will goes beyond what we can imagine. Thank you for your inspiration.
“As […] Continue Reading…

Michael Phelps is a superstar swimmer

Michael Phelps

I know, this is a too easy choice, yes, he is already a big superstar. Nonetheless, I wanted to emphasize the grandeur of his quest: mister Phelps wants 8 gold medals. Not just 8 medals, but 8 gold medals, he might win more Olympics titles than the Canadian nation overall (no comment). Anyhoo, this swimmer won his first gold medal in the 200m freestyle. How many medals do you think he will win during these Beijing Olympic Games?


Chen Xia Xia is a weightlifting superstar

The first Olympics event that was broadcasting on my TV is weightlifting. Because I watch the Canadian channel, they were presenting the performance of Marilou Dozois-Prévost from my hometown, Montreal. It is nice that we get to know more about our athletes.

Another nation that I follow very closely is China (of course). The host country didn’t wait long for their first medal. This superstar, Chen Xia Xia not only won the first gold medal for her nation, but also broke 2 Olympic records. This 25-year-old snatched and jerked a total of 212 kg.
Chen Xia Xia


Beijing Welcomes the Olympic Games in a Spectacular Way

On this lucky day 8/8/8, I woke up early to be able to catch the opening ceremony at 8h08 Beijing time.

Although I am an ocean away from the Middle Kingdom, I could feel the electricity in that Bird’s Nest Stadium. The Opening Ceremony of these XIX th Olympics was breathtaking.  It started in a spectacular way with the 2008 drummers at the countdown. Hearing them roaring one phrase of Confucius: “Friends have come from afar, how happy we are.” was very touching.

The calligraphy part was absolutely stunning where hundreds of persons inside boxes bobbed up and down to create the Chinese character ‘he,’ which means both harmony and peace.  The timing of the execution amazed me.

The taiji performance was brilliant too: such a great control of the body. The dove formed by the “enlighted” persons was flying to our hearts.

I also admire the subtle transition they did […] Continue Reading…

Beijing Olympics Ready to Welcome You 北京欢迎你

YouTube Preview Image

This is the moment of the year when I used to go travel abroad, but this year I am still in my beautiful city of Montreal and enjoying a wonderful time with my dear friends. Nevertheless, I miss China very much, I am very lucky to have been able to go study there twice. I met warm-hearted Chinese who became great friends of mine. Today, I saw this promotion music video of Beijing Olympics and can’t help reminiscing…

(Do you recognize the superstars in the MV?)