‘Happy Endings’ Is Ingeniously Funny

Happy Endings off to a great start.

Happy Endings off to a great startI know what you are thinking, why would we want another Friends rip-off? Yes, Happy Endings is another TV series about six friends hanging out, but it is more than that.

It felt like a breath of fresh air to watch a fast pace comedy among all the reality shows out there. With Happy Endings, you won’t see the jokes coming, they’ll take you by surprise like a guy in roller-blades crashing your wedding. The punch lines delivery rhythm is on fast forward.

Unlike in How I Met Your Mother, where I am truly fond of only one character (Neil Patrick Harris’), I fell for four of the six Happy Endings‘ characters right away. The show succeeded to efficiently introduce the posse within the pilot’s first three minutes. By the first scenes, you get a clear idea about who you are dealing with:

Dave: the wedding douche YouTube sensation whose fiance left him at the altar
Alex: the fiance who left Dave at the altar to get white trash tourist braids
Jane: a wannabe desperate housewife, but way not ready (and way too cool for the suburbs if you want my opinion)
Brad: Jane’s husband, chill black of the group who doesn’t read emails labeled “URGENT party deeds”
Penny: single girl who is doing everything to find the future father of her future kids Haley, Madison and McKenzie
Max: gay and chubby who finds a “stereotypically flamboyant cartoonish Sex and the City gay” offensive

They managed to cast an “Excellence in Theatre” award winner, the girl next door Elisha Cuthbert from 24, a superb comedienne from the final two seasons of Scrubs, two Saturday Night Live alumni and a guy who played a Young Hollywood Douchebag in Californication. Can you guess who’s playing who?

If you are a TV nerd, you will recognize the wittiness of the script writers and directors Anthony and Joe Russo (Arrested Development or Community rings a bell?). Check out some memorable quotes from the pilot.

Happy Endings quotes

“Huge game changer, HUGE” -Max

“Do you know how hard it is to get slut off egyptian cotton?” -Jane

“M’am? I’m gonna go and bawl my eyes out and then I will be back to physically fight you” -Penny

“This cleanse is brutal. I lost 11 pounds… today.” -Brad

“Well, that’s what happen when you drink vodka on a stomach full of cabbage juice” -Brad

“Nice work Al, you are the Michael Jordan of destroying friendships” -Dave

“I’m 30, and I’m Catholic and I’mma die alone in a light-up Christmas sweater talking to a menagerie of parrots” -Penny

So tune in on ABC Wednesday nights 10|9c


p.s: Me falling for another witty TV show gives me a feeling of déjà vu… I hope this show won’t get cancelled

62nd Primetime Emmys 2010 – Gleeful Intro

A true TV lover doesn’t miss an awards show and especially not the intro.

This year’s Primetime Emmys kicked off with a fun skit featuring host Jimmy Fallon and my favorite TV people. Awesome Jane Lynch and her Glee co-stars’ appearance was a no-brainer. The musical and television phenomenon did garner 19 Emmys nominations, more than any other show. I was happy to see that witty writer Tina Fey was also included in the opening. And what to say about handsome Jon Hamm? Don’t we all love him? Drama or comedy, he can bring it.

Glee is Bringing Sexy Back to TV

Oi! I am declaring at this moment that I have another favorite TV show and it is called ‘glee‘. I just don’t know where to start. It is a quandary to decide whether it is the cheerleading coach’s daunting quotes*, the hottie professor who stars in a boys band, or the tremendous talent of McKinley High School’s glee club that threw me off my chair when I discovered this TV show. I order you to go through this awe-inspiring new comedy series. Get a sneak peak with this extended trailer.

‘Glee’ just started a few episodes ago and is already collecting marvelous critics. I believe that all high school kids should take the time to watch this series. They will initially feel the urge to dance and sing their heart out, and will also eventually accept that it is OK to be different.

Indeed, in addition to the superbly choreographed music acts, the show succeeds to deal with teenage topics like sex, eating disorders, pregnancy, homosexuality, etc. Rest assured, the adults also get their share of mid-life crisis, career’s reevaluation, couple’s drama and secret crushes. Needless to say that this astute series ‘glee’ is due to the blatant talent among the cast.

Oh yeah, speaking of pure talent, I almost forgot to tell you to tune in tonight’s episode, the recently Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth will guest star! Believe me, every episode is a palatable treat to your eyes and ears :)

glee L

*Sue Sylvester the cheerleading coach (Jane Lynch) quotes:

  • “You think this is hard? I’m living with hepatitis, that’s hard!”
  • “Let me be the one to break the silence. That was the most offensive thing I have seen in 20 years of teaching and that includes an elementary school production of “Hair.”
  • “This is what we call a total disaster ladies, I’m going to have to ask you to smell your arm pits… That’s the smell of failure. And its stinking up my office!”

Big L ol

Neil Patrick Harris and the Emmys

So the US Open ended with an unexpected scenario (a.k.a Juan Martin Del Potro dethroned Roger Federer). Who would take on the responsibility to entertain me now? As ironic it can be, I am a challenge-driven athlete who just love relaxing in front of my TV shows.

Every year, the Emmys not only award the most talented in the industry but also kick-off the new TV season. Have you seen how wonderfully the athletic yet luminous Neil Patrick Harris hosted that night? On his opening act, he convinced me to “Put Down the Remote”

Even Jon Stewart praised him during his acceptance speech right on stage. Let me tell you that Neil Patrick Harris deserves all those kind words. His career did survive both child stardom and coming out. And how many persons agree with me that ‘How I Met Your Mother’ wouldn’t be the same without him as Barney?

Regarding the awards, I am happy to see another successful year for Tina Fey’s brilliant series ’30 Rock’ which won among others “Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series” (Alec Baldwin) and “Best Comedy Series”. Moreover, I was beyond ecstatic for Kristin Chenoweth‘s Emmy for “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series”.

If you had the occasion to discuss with me about TV, you might have witnessed how a huge fan I am for her show ‘Pushing Daisies’. If you have perused my blog, you will also remember my admiration for Kristin Chenoweth’s talent since her second episode where she was “Hopelessly Devoted to You“. With tears of joy, she adorably said “I’m unemployed now so I’d like to be on ‘Mad Men,’ I also like ‘The Office’ and ’24.’” while accepting the award.

pushing daisies kristin chenoweth

*Sigh* I still can’t believe that such a masterpiece has been canceled. Let’s hope that Bryan Fuller will still come up with other genius series as equivalent if not more as ‘Wonderfalls’ and ‘Pushing Daisies’.

Ryan Started the Fire

There are more and more celebrities on Twitter. Thousands of fans can follow their tweets and interact by using the ‘reply @’ function. A few minutes ago, The Office‘s Dwight, actor Rainn Wilson shared a fan video with this tweet:

Rainn Wilson Twitter Best Fan Video Ever

I am really impressed with the result, I wonder how much time it took the fans to make it. I am also curious to see how this buzz will go. By the time I viewed the video, there were already more than 6000 views. With the help of the Web 2.0/Social Media power, I predict thousands more…

Now, enjoy this fan video and sing along “Ryan started the fire” ♪

YouTube Preview Image

Office-themed “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Made by Brad E and Ashley G

If you are a true fan of ‘The Office’, you will ♥ the lyrics:

Ryan Howard, Holly Flax, David Wallace, Future Fax
Jim Halpert, Dwight Schrute, mustard yellow shirt

Creed Bratton, Michael Scott, Darryl’s cool, Toby’s not
Workspace, not an office, Everybody Hurts

Elizabeth the whore, Todd Packer, sith lord,
Hunter, that one night, you made everything all right

Water mark, fun run, beer me, Stamford’s done
It’s not Dwigt, it’s Dwight, Stanley’s gonne be all right

Ryan started the fire
It just started burning,
Hey the temp’s still learning
Ryan started the fire
But he didn’t hide it
Because Dwight did find it

That’s what she said, squeaky, bobble head, health care,
Sprinkles, Bandit, throwing stars, liars don’t have Mounds bars

Bleeding nipples, Carol Stills, baby picture, rabies kills,
Bob Vance, fired Roy, and a kidnapped pizza boy

Pamelamadingdong, Are you a fan of William Hung?
Fire crawl, hate ball, insults in the bathroom stall

Beet farm, false alarm, women have weak arms
While today it is me, soon we all shall fall


Sugar boobs, Da Vinci Code, Are you calling me a ho?
Dwight you ignorant slut, Stanley nickels, Schrute bucks

Billy Merchant, yogurt caps, hidden weapons, e-mail taps,
Dinner party, business school, pencil fence, gimme knucks

That cheesy pita’s toasted, Oh! Boom, roasted!
Oscar is really gay, I love Pretzel Day

Oven mitt or I-Pod, Ben Franklin’s lightning rod,
It’s Meredith’s birthday, I know why Oscar’s “sick” today


Booze cruise, broken hip, Nard dog, paper clips
Have you seen Jan’s boobs? Look, Ryan’s on Youtube

Ed Truck is outta luck, Careful Dwight’s got nun chucks,
Party Planning Committee, Try my googie googie

Gimli – nerd, commanding third, look Toby killed a bird,
Hey it’s Scrantonicity, Pam Beesly will you marry me?


Phyllis flashed, Martin nash, Kevin’s M&M stash,
Ungrateful beeotch hotline, Boy have you lost your mind?

Dumb or fat? What’s a text? Spiderface, who’s jinxed next?
Sushi bar, CIA, Gaydar, hate crime

Does the carpet match the drapes? Can you make a wooden stake?
Second life, I got raped, making near-death will tapes

Mexican lemonade, the world needs a new plague,
Falling into a lake, that Ben Franklin is a fake!



FYI: you can follow Rainn a.k.a Dwight at twitter.com/RainnWilson

and you can always follow my not-as-cool-as-Rainn’s tweets at twitter.com/isaSuperstar


Ugly and Still Can Do Networking

As I was watching an episode of Ugly Betty “Dress For Success” (3×11), I found myself amused by how Marc St. James (Michael Urie) explains the basics of networking to Betty (America Ferrera). Networking is indeed important in the fashion (and business) world, but it is not always easy to learn it.

Ugly Betty

Now, before you view the clip, I want to reassure you that although the superficial speech might shock you, do not worry, our Ugly Betty’s true personality always win in the end.

YouTube Preview Image

Step 1: Be memorable

Step 2: Gathering information

Step 3: The exit strategy

If I may, the supporting characters of Marc and Amanda are absolutely endearing. They play a big part in the success of this great show.  Their podcasts are quite funny too.

Have you ever watched ‘Ugly Betty’ ? What are your thoughts?


What is GOOD TV? special mention for ‘Pushing Daisies’

Prison Break, 24, Friends, Desperate Housewives, Lost, House, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Family Guy… are popular TV shows among my carefully-picked-scientific-sample (aka my Facebook friends)

What makes you addicted to a certain TV show? Suspense, relationships and humor seem to be essential for the recipe of success. Of course, some shows get more viewers than others. Unfortunately, many great shows get off the air due to poor ratings (I must take a minute here to express my sadness towards the cancellations of masterpieces such as Arrested Development, Wonderfalls, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, the Class, etc.)

Now, I would like to know what makes you watch a TV show? Why a show gets more ratings than another? Naturally, i would guess that it is the storyline, the writing staff, the actors,…

Anyhoo, I thought it would be nice to tell you some secrets about the TV industry. Well, maybe not so secret… since you may all know that the main goal is to make money. Indeed, those TV people won’t care if the show is critically acclaimed or not, they just want the millions of viewers (so that the millions $ from the advertisers come too).

By the way, is it the mid-terms now? Which mean that you are all searching things to do on the Internet besides studying right? Well, how about I share with you my 2 favorite spots to efficiently waste my time?
Yes, there, you can watch all your favorite TV shows (awesome!)

Furthermore, I would like to suggest you my favorites of this season
Ugly Betty, The Office, Scrubs, Entourage… and special mention for Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies, wow, finally a show that is different, so creative! If you liked Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain and Wonderfalls, you shouldn’t miss this new show. I love the unexpectedness, the impact of the narrator, the camera movements, the colors, the light, the bizarreness, the cleverness (hope that it won’t get canceled because of those who can’t enjoy all the wit)
take a look here where suddenly, one of the supporting characters starts to sing, yes like in a musical! “Hopelessly devoted to you”

YouTube Preview Image

so surprising, because all the viewers were absorbed in a murder case, the leading male role can revive dead people and the leading female role is a living dead (hum, u better watch the show to not find all this awkward hehe)

ok, that’s it for now, feel free to comment and share your TV favorites too!


House M.D
The Office