Digital Strategist Backpacking with her Tennis Racquet

Isabelle Chrun Adidas Originals green dress

In addition to having been brought up in Montréal, a city defined as a thriving multicultural hub, Isabelle has spent multiple months abroad – Guangzhou (2005), Tianjin (2007), Hong Kong (2011), Sydney (2015). Needless to say her immersive journey has helped her develop a keen ability to adapt to foreign culture.

Genuinely enthusiastic about gaining a broader insight of the digital economy, she shared her interactive marketing expertise with graduate students as a lecturer at a Forbes World’s Top 10 Business School. Isabelle gave a TED talk where she expressed her unique point of view on authenticity and social media.

Moreover, as a performance-driven and team-oriented person, she had tremendous success in varsity sports. She won provincial titles in college basketball and national titles in Taekwondo and university tennis. Isabelle has coached hundreds of tennis players since the age of 15.

Undoubtedly, her proficiency in Cambodian, French, English, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish combined with her people skills facilitate her integration within any team of international background she works with, anywhere she goes. She recently explored Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Iceland, Finland, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, France and USA.


She can’t believe Pushing Daisies got cancelled. Benedict Cumberbatch could play someone in a coma and she’d still watch it. Community, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, UNreal and Master of None are TV shows she wishes she had written.

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