Campagnes créatives de marketing relationnel

Le marketing relationnel a beaucoup évolué au fil des temps. Voici quelques campagnes créatives que j’ai collectionnées durant mes surfs sur le Web. Quelles sont vos préférées?

4320 LA/SYD
Company: Droga5 Australia, Client: V Australia, Award: Yellow Pencil

Canon – Photochains
This integrated campaign, created by Leo Burnett Sydney, is designed to create a new form of social networking, based on sharing the inspiration behind photographs.

The Eternal Moonwalk
Studio Brussel

Support Scent
How do you show support for someone who can’t see? Clemenger BBDO Melbourne has answered this question by turning traditional charity marketing on its head and creating a fragrance.

When it came to developing an innovative way to generate support for the blind and vision impaired, the creative team considered it vital that the solution didn’t inadvertently exclude them. Anything that appealed to people’s sight, such as a ribbon or wristband, would only add to the problem. Instead they decided to create something that appealed to another sense entirely – smell.”

IKEA – Facebook showroom

Young Director Award by CFP-E/Shots: Drama Queen

Samsung: Mobile Shakedown
The phones are going down in this new Samsung digital campaign, promoting the B2100 phone out of Swedish agency From Stockholm With Love.

Samsung Mobile Shakedown

The new Shakedown site points live cameras on a table covered with 70 phones and features special call in number. Visitors are invited to dial that number, along with the number displayed on the phone of their choice, and if they can get it to vibrate off the table, the B2100 is theirs.

Child soldiers
The use of child soldiers is common in many countries. Our client Ohne Rüstung Leben (Life Without Weapons) wanted to raise attention about this problem and to collect more donations.

Life Without Weapons - Child Soldiers

The idea: Original looking military draft notices are being sent out to families with small children (8-14 years, selected by an address provider). The children are ordered to perform military service, including suicide missions and rapes.