My Amazing Friends Helped Me Win an iPad!

Right now, I should be focusing on correcting papers for my Professor, but I have to take a minute to THANK, with all my heart, my amazing friends who helped me win an iPad!
Asian Geek's iPad

I’m the luckiest ASIAN GEEK on the planet, because while I was studying, playing silly sports with other funky Carabins (that was legen… dary), watching Glee, organizing a surprise for V-DAWG B.A.A (our athlete of the year), partying at my graduate prom in Mont-Tremblant, etc. dozens of friends were voting for me! (take a look at the Gifiniti iPad contest results)

Tell me, how would you like to celebrate? A huge GEEK party? Perhaps where you can come play with my iPad? ^.^ I’ll keep you posted for my victory lap. Stay tuned!

Again, thank you, merci, gracias, 多谢, danke