isaSuperstar’s Pretentious Birthday Wish List

Your favorite obnoxious friend Isabou is back for more egocentric birthday (July 27th) demands this year. As my stalwart friend, you MUST choose (at least) one item from this wish list to offer me (those who are too lazy to read, just skip to item #99):

  1. Clothes designed exclusively for me by Stella McCartney
  2. A real summer in Montreal
  3. Another season of Wonderfalls, Arrested Development, Pushing Daisies, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Dirty Sexy Money, The Class, etc.
  4. Bubble tea from 西南村 with my Nankai classmates
  5. Fredou singing Kid Rock’s “I Put Your Picture Away”
  6. Swimming lessons with Michael Phelps
  7. Prayer by “la noa soeu'”
  8. A painting from artist Nerbonne the day I’ll have my loft
  9. Music skills so that I can actually own at Rockband
  10. A Dundie award
  11. Burning Flame 3 where Wong He’s character won’t die
  12. Picture of a big strawberry taken in front of an IKEA in Finland
  13. Backstage pass for Jason Mraz’s show at Osheaga
  14. Cook Olibou’s exquisite meals
  15. A private jet so that I can fly to China from time to time
  16. Being part of Jerry’s entourage when he’ll be sooper famous
  17. Harry Potter’s Potions teacher
  18. A pie from the pie maker of the Pie Hole
  19. Lan Kuan’s talent to learn Chinese
  20. Elliot’s I told you so dance
  21. An autograph of Rouge et Or’s quarterback
  22. Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open
  23. Join me on
  25. Barman of the Bamby’s Bar
  26. A lullaby sang by Jack Johnson at my penthouse
  27. Dino’s tour guiding skills in Vancouver
  28. Tobias Funke’s Mini Cooper
  29. Steamed chicken feet
  30. Every single Chuck Norris jokes
  31. Edward Cullen… NOT!
  32. VIP tickets for the second semi-final at the ladies Rogers Cup in Toronto (thx Tennis Québec!)
  33. Ewan McGregor’s Your Song
  34. Being interviewed by Sexy Beijing’s Sufei and Smacker
  35. Playing tennis on the courts of Wimbledon
  36. Cristiano Ronaldo’s “futbol lessons”
  37. Pixar’s endearing cartoon flick ‘UP’
  38. Jay Chou’s 简单的爱
  39. Babyfoot table so that I can beat Guigui over and over again
  40. 食神 that will cook for me every day
  41. Francis’ 象棋 lessons (爱你一万年)
  42. 姐姐 Michelle’s Phd graduation pic at Hong Kong University
  43. Tony’s flat in UK
  44. Karaoke with Henry, David, Scoman, Jacky, Reanna, Kathleen, Hermia, Joshua & cie
  45. 烧烤 with Will, Tommy and 歌神
  46. C O O L E S T Facebook gift E V E R
  47. Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau, Jackie Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Lai Ming
  48. Dom’s ultimate cardio (He’s a machine!)
  49. Super V.I.P card at La Banquise for unlimited amount of poutine
  50. Treadmill (to compensate for #49)
  51. iPhone app where the alarm plays a random song from my playlist
  52. A Journey to the West
  53. Barney Stinson’s legendary… wait for it… SUIT UP!
  54. Nic’s amazing spaghetti
  55. Big brother I never had who is a firefighter, a basketball coach and a barman (aka Nic J)
  56. Annyong Bluth
  57. AA E HF SFS SC I
  58. Super cellphone which is toilet waterproof
  59. “normal” tennis courts at CEPSUM
  60. Jim Halpert
  61. Chocolatine aux amandes qui ne se vend plus à la cantine du Pavillon Aisenstadt de l’UdM
  62. Impossible is Nothing, Just Do It
  63. Vancouver 2010 Olympics
  64. 相信我们会想童话故事里
  65. … stay tuned for updates

Wimbledon grass

99. A call from you so that I can hear your beautiful voice. (and so that I can give you the information for the secret happening of my birthday celebration, SO SECRET that even Facebook doesn’t know about it) If you can’t reach me on my cellphone (Andy calls me often since his lost at Wimbledon), just drop me a message and I’ll holla back

I can understand that some among you might find my wishes a bit mental challenging, but come on, just take up the gauntlet and answer my requests!

p.s: This birthday wish list is prone to laughter, but it is impossible to understand all of the inside jokes, just make sure you don’t miss item #99