Susan Boyle’s Competition at Britain’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle doesn’t need a presentation (her first performance got about 100 million views on YouTube). She dreamed a dream. Now, during the awaited Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals, she sang ‘Memory’ from the musical Cats. What do you think?

By the way, have you had the chance to watch her competition? 39 other contestants were chosen by the jury to go through the semi-finals. Check out other bloody brilliant performers:

Natalie Okri, 10, singer

Cute little girl who wants to be like Beyoncé.

Sue Son, 24, violonist

Had to leave her best friend behind.

Diversity, aged 12-25, Street Dance Act
A group of dancers with a diverse background

Embedding is disabled, but I had to put them in my list, since they are my favorite

Shaheen Jafargholi, 12, singer

The choice of the song is paramount.

Aidan Davis, 11, Dancer

Surprisingly very talented break dancer

Shaun Smith, 17, singer

His lack of confidence is somehow beguiling.

What about you? Who are your picks?

Internet in my life 网络改变了我的日常生活

Dragon in chineseTruth be told, since Seth Godin commented on my post, I struggled to find a topic worth blogging. But why all this pressure? I’m ashamed to have forgotten for a moment that my initial goal of this blog-with-an-old-but-oh-so-symbolic-layout-of-Beijing-Olympics-2008 is to have fun. That is why I decided to go back to the basics, to one of my passions, Chinese.

It’s been a long time that I haven’t practiced my Chinese. I thought I should at least make an effort and revise a bit. Here’s a little composition describing the role of Internet in my life. (My Chinese friends, feel free to help me learning and point out my errors :)


我生活节奏很快,有很多的事情要做。我一边攻读硕士学位,一边打网球,一边学高级汉语。我觉得快要忙死了。当然我没有很多机会跟朋友去玩儿。幸亏, 网络能让我轻松一点儿。我经常一开始就先查看我的邮件.我一般收到很多的邮件, 有时候让我头昏眼花。然而电子邮件让我保持联系和我的朋友。我也用 QQ,MSN Messenger, Twitter。我常常在这些网络即时沟通工具上跟朋友聊天。尤其跟中国朋友视频聊天。这样不仅不花钱,而且不费事,还能见到朋友们。虽然他们离我很远但是就像在身边一样。网络真让世界缩小了。

除了即时沟通工具,Facebook,这新兴的社交网络更是改变了我的交友方式。因为我怕浪费时间,我努力控制自己不泡在Facebook 的很长时间。