Ryan Started the Fire

There are more and more celebrities on Twitter. Thousands of fans can follow their tweets and interact by using the ‘reply @’ function. A few minutes ago, The Office‘s Dwight, actor Rainn Wilson shared a fan video with this tweet:

Rainn Wilson Twitter Best Fan Video Ever

I am really impressed with the result, I wonder how much time it took the fans to make it. I am also curious to see how this buzz will go. By the time I viewed the video, there were already more than 6000 views. With the help of the Web 2.0/Social Media power, I predict thousands more…

Now, enjoy this fan video and sing along “Ryan started the fire” ♪

YouTube Preview Image

Office-themed “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Made by Brad E and Ashley G

If you are a true fan of ‘The Office’, you will ♥ the lyrics:

Ryan Howard, Holly Flax, David Wallace, Future Fax
Jim Halpert, Dwight Schrute, mustard yellow shirt

Creed Bratton, Michael Scott, Darryl’s cool, Toby’s not
Workspace, not an office, Everybody Hurts

Elizabeth the whore, Todd Packer, sith lord,
Hunter, that one night, you made everything all right

Water mark, fun run, beer me, Stamford’s done
It’s not Dwigt, it’s Dwight, Stanley’s gonne be all right

Ryan started the fire
It just started burning,
Hey the temp’s still learning
Ryan started the fire
But he didn’t hide it
Because Dwight did find it

That’s what she said, squeaky, bobble head, health care,
Sprinkles, Bandit, throwing stars, liars don’t have Mounds bars

Bleeding nipples, Carol Stills, baby picture, rabies kills,
Bob Vance, fired Roy, and a kidnapped pizza boy

Pamelamadingdong, Are you a fan of William Hung?
Fire crawl, hate ball, insults in the bathroom stall

Beet farm, false alarm, women have weak arms
While today it is me, soon we all shall fall


Sugar boobs, Da Vinci Code, Are you calling me a ho?
Dwight you ignorant slut, Stanley nickels, Schrute bucks

Billy Merchant, yogurt caps, hidden weapons, e-mail taps,
Dinner party, business school, pencil fence, gimme knucks

That cheesy pita’s toasted, Oh! Boom, roasted!
Oscar is really gay, I love Pretzel Day

Oven mitt or I-Pod, Ben Franklin’s lightning rod,
It’s Meredith’s birthday, I know why Oscar’s “sick” today


Booze cruise, broken hip, Nard dog, paper clips
Have you seen Jan’s boobs? Look, Ryan’s on Youtube

Ed Truck is outta luck, Careful Dwight’s got nun chucks,
Party Planning Committee, Try my googie googie

Gimli – nerd, commanding third, look Toby killed a bird,
Hey it’s Scrantonicity, Pam Beesly will you marry me?


Phyllis flashed, Martin nash, Kevin’s M&M stash,
Ungrateful beeotch hotline, Boy have you lost your mind?

Dumb or fat? What’s a text? Spiderface, who’s jinxed next?
Sushi bar, CIA, Gaydar, hate crime

Does the carpet match the drapes? Can you make a wooden stake?
Second life, I got raped, making near-death will tapes

Mexican lemonade, the world needs a new plague,
Falling into a lake, that Ben Franklin is a fake!



FYI: you can follow Rainn a.k.a Dwight at twitter.com/RainnWilson

and you can always follow my not-as-cool-as-Rainn’s tweets at twitter.com/isaSuperstar


Systèmes, contrôle d’applications et sécurité WEB

Vous trouverez plus-bas la présentation (SlideShare) préparée par mes collègues Frédérick J. Fortin, Pierre-Luc Soucy et moi-même. Ce billet se veut donc l’endroit tout désigné pour laisser vos commentaires suite à notre présentation.

Merci et au plaisir de vous lire!

Isabelle, Frédérick et Pierre-Luc

4-970-02 – Gestion du risque, contrôle et sécurité du commerce électronique
Séance 5
Présentation sur les systèmes, le contrôle d’applications et la sécurité WEB

Isabelle Chrun B.A.A, Frédérick J. Fortin B.A.A, Pierre-Luc Soucy B. Ing.

Got to learn that Slumdog Millionaire Jai Ho dance

‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ is the tagline of the famous TV show which inspired the movie of the year (in my humble opinion). ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ has already won 4 Golden Globes and 7 BAFTAs.  Everybody is anticipating the Oscars gold for this Danny Boyle movie.

I finally decided to go watch this movie after many friends’ recommendations (and after all its success at the Golden Globes). ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is simply magnificent. The storyline is interesting, the kids are endearing, the editing is inspiring… no wonder the movie already won this many awards.

Most of all, I have to admit that I still can’t get the song ‘Jai Ho’ from the ending credits out of my head.  Following the Bollywood tradition, the movie ended (no spoilers) with an impressive dance where dozens are moving with the rhythm of ‘Jai Ho’ (A R Rahman ft. Sukhvinder Singh, Tanvi Shah & Mahalaxmi Iyer).  Unfortunately, due to copyrights concerns, this video of the dance might not stay long, enjoy it while it is online :)

Now, is there anyone else who is willing to learn that Jai Ho dance with me? ^_^

Slumdog Milionaire Jai Ho Dance

Here are the lyrics:

Jai Ho! ^n

Aaja aaja jind shamiyaane ke taley

Aaja zari waale neele aasmaane ke taley

Jai Ho! ^ n

Ratti ratti sachchi maine jaan gawayi hai

Nach Nach koylon pe raat bitaayi hai

Ankhiyon ki neend maine phoonkon se udaa di

Gin gin taarey maine ungli jalayi hai

Eh Aaja aaja jind shamiyaane ke taley

Aaja zari waale neele aasmaane ke taley

Baila! Baila!

Ahora conmigo, tu baila para hoy

Por nuestro dia de movidas,

los problemas los que sean


Baila! Baila!

Jai Ho! ^n

Chakh le, haan chakh le, yeh raat shehed hai

Chakh le, haan rakh le,

Dil hai, dil aakhri hadd hai

Kaala kaala kaajal tera

Koi kaala jaadu hai na?

Aaja aaja jind shamiyaane ke taley

Aaja zari waale neele aasmaane ke taley

Jai Ho! ^ n

Kab se haan kab se jo lab pe ruki hai

Keh de, keh de, haan keh de

Ab aankh jhuki hai

Aisi aisi roshan aankhein

Roshan dono heerey (?)  hain kya?

Aaja aaja jind shamiyaane ke taley

Aaja zari waale neele aasmaane ke taley

Jai Ho! ^ n

credits: Inkspillz

Official movie trailer
YouTube Preview Image