James Blake: Do not give up, you should be…

… breaking back! I have heard many courage stories, but this one about JAMES BLAKE who lost everything and succeeded to win back his life particularly touched me.

This great tennis player impressed me a lot during the US Open. His forehand, his quickness to run all over the court are some of the reasons why he has so many fans. At every match he played, there was a section in the stadium called the “J-Block”, his fans were all wearing the same t-shirt and headbands. I was curious and wanted to know more about James Blake so a friend of mine lend me his book “Breaking Back, How I Lost Everything and Won Back my Life”

This People’s Sexiest Male Athlete in 2002 was living a dream life: family, fame, fans,… Then, in 2004, a series of unfortunate events happened. He broke his neck on a tennis net pole, his father lost his battle against cancer and he contracted a virus that paralyzed half of his face. During that dark period, he could have just give up… but no! he fought back, he wanted to break back (allusion to tennis: when you loose your serve, you have to break your opponent serve in order to get back in the match)

He managed to slowly recover and returned in the professional tour. He was even ranked 4th in the world in 2006. James believes that his courage is due to his father’s valuable lessons and the support of his family and friends. He considers himself lucky to not have attended those big tennis academies like most of young talents. The fact that his parents gave more importance to his studies over tennis brought him a “normal” life where he get to go to college and live near his dear family and friends.

I encourage you all to read his book (will only take you 1 day, 2 tops :) even if you are not a tennis fan, because there are great life lessons.

For those who won’t have the time to read it, i will write down some of my favorite quotes. But before, I wanted to take a moment here to thank you. Life is not always easy, but your support, your smiles or just having you there make me feel that life is beautiful.


“I used to think this was ironic; now I realize that my success flows directly from having cleared those hurdles”

“Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there”

“If most adolescent athletes have “sports parents,” then I had “school parents” -a mother and father who revered education above everything else and treated it as a lifelong pursuit”

“Life is just what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

“I I were to say ‘God, why me?’ about the bad things, then I should have said ‘God, why me?’ about the good things that happened in my life”

“5 minutes of hitting, 25 minutes of talking”

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other”

“Don’t worry about winning every match or about your regional ranking -just worry about getting better”

“I cannot help but think that childhood friends are the bedrock of all one’s future relationships, and that you move away from them at your risk. There is an African proverb in which I believe: Hold on to your friends with both hands”

“If you can win 1 set, you can win 2”

“As is our confidence, so is our capacity”

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies”

“We all encounter adversity in our lives. The real reflection of character is how we deal with it”

If you have been inspired by any other stories, feel free to suggest me your favorite books :)


(Merci Olibou pour cette belle lecture)

Novak Djokovic is a Superstar

You all know how much I adore Andy Roddick. Believe me, I still love him. The thing is that I find myself quite interested in another tennisman also. He may not be as sexy as Andy but damn he has a great personality. How can I say that without meeting him in person? well TV man, YouTube man!

Everyone loves his sense humor. Take a look at how nice he is at an interview where he just eliminated Carlos Moya in 3 sets yesterday. Please tell me what you think about his impersonations of Sharapova and Nadal lol

YouTube Preview Image

Oh yeah, and did I tell you that he’s ranked 3rd in the world? that he beat Roddick, Nadal AND Federer in the SAME tournament? at the Rogers Cup here in Montreal :) Also…. he’s only effin’ 20 years old!!!!!!!! ahhhh he’s so great!


remember his name NOVAK DJOKOVIC, he has a great future ahead of him

Ever curious about my Chinese homeworks? 作业……

那,these last few days, i only spent time in front of our new 60″ TV. Is it the big screen that prevent me for having a normal life? not exactly… it is because i can watch those awesome, talented, sexy tennis players (such as Andy Roddick) on that big screen! Indeed, I’ve watched most of the games of the magical US OPEN. (who wouldn’t?)

Now the point of this note is that I’m afraid that my brain rots after that much time on the couch… The solution I’ve found is to write down some homeworks I did during my super intensive semester at Nankai University.

EVERYDAY, our teachers ask us to create sentences with the words we’ve just learned during the day. Obviously, we try to be creative so that we don’t write boring sentences like “The book is on the table” :P Here are some of my sentences, I reckon you will see my(silly) personality throughout the next lines 呵呵

薯条被我吃了 French fries have been eaten by me

周杰伦的音乐会票卖完了 Jay Chou’s concert tickets are sold out

当他打网球的时候,他的反手就像费得勒的反手一样 When he plays tennis, his backhand is just like Federer’s

我的中国朋友唱歌像一个明星一样 My Chinese friends sing like superstars

希望你能感到像一家人一样温暖 Hope you can feel the warmth like a family member

别再打麻将了 Don’t play mahjong again (impossible)

别再让她哭了 Don’t make her cry again

别再假装你很有钱了 Stop pretend that you have that much money

别再使人心碎了 Don’t ever break someone’s heart again

我趁着他请客,吃了很贵的菜 I take advantage that he invites me to eat really expensive meals (lol)

我趁着他的女朋友不在,进一步认识他 I take advantage that his girlfriend is not there to get to know him more

为了打网球像罗的克一样,要天天练习 To play like Roddick, you have to practice everyday

他很笨,他才明白这个东西不能吃 He’s so stupid, he just realized that this thing is not for eating

他爱了我一年,才告诉我 He loved me for one year but just told me today

除了马强以外,贵友也是帅哥 In addition of MaQiang, GuiYou is also a handsome guy

我怕很多东西,其中我最害怕孤单的滋味 I’m afraid of a lot of things, among them, i fear the taste of loneliness

为了过好日子你既要恋爱也要找很好的朋友 To enjoy a good life, you have to not only fall in love but also to find great friends.

你的网球一手反手,能不能教我?Your one-hand backhand, can you teach it to me?

钱,爱情,朋友,我祝愿你万事如意 Money, love, friends, i wish you everything you desire

我很喜欢看电影,其中很多是周星驰的电影 I really love to watch movies, among them, especially Stephen Chow’s

有些人是很难使其满意的 There are some people who are difficult to satisfy

他不帅不难看,刚刚可爱 He’s not handsome, not ugly, just cute ^_^

2007年5月15日 ~ 25日

uh oh Andy is playing right now, gotta go back to my couch :)


what a forehand he has! 好球!漂亮!